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Identity Workbook

To live reconciled to God. 2 Cor 5

Learn to live in your Created Identity and move from a place of shame and behavior modification moving toward relationship with Christ providing healing and grace to the painful areas in our life.

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Who is this workbook for?

Anyone who wasn’t born in paradise, The Garden of Eden.

Confusion. Twenty-first-century human identity, regardless of ideologies, political bend or religious doctrine or theology continues to be dismantled leading to confusion about who we are. Dismantled? Yes, dismantled. 

What some may view as progress, I believe our Creator looks at as a dismantling of our Created Identity. As we look around our churches, schools, and workplaces, we see eyes filled with pain and confusion at crucial stages of development. Or worse, what children are learning through development will be their ‘normal’ as they grow into adulthood. The movement toward a non-binary culture is the visual and social evidence of this dismantling.

Identity Workbook
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