Jenelle Linden, LMHC, LCPC

Hi all.

I may be in the minority, but I believe the disservice we have done as people of the church — whether ministry or church with a sign in the yard — is not to understand, or even dismiss, how our negative, adverse experiences through development have impacted our core, God Created Identity. Not to mention how the enemy uses those wounds against us and lies to us about our foundation, value, and worth.

Scripture says we are spirit and human. We now have neuropsychology to show how those adverse experiences have impacted our brain function—our automatic nervousness system. Addressing the nervous system both physically and spiritually affects the healing process in positive ways. Instead, we have focused on the shame of the behavior.

In previous efforts to speak to this, I found disinterest and disbelief. In recent months, more are seeing the truths behind a post-traumatic stress world. I have found and seen people truly transformed in their heart and mind. Too much to explain here, but mainly, calming down the nervous system while bringing God into those painful places is healing, transformative, and authentic.

While I specialize in a therapy that addresses these concerns, my heart in putting this together is to both educate and share the positive impact that is looking at each person’s life predicament from a post-traumatic lens has had on those happy to listen and grow.