What Happened?

Is this really as good as it gets?
Said...~Every person that ever lived.
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I, and others, have spent years in counseling addressing: depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, utilizing behavior modification or cognitive behavioral efforts—maybe even utilizing bible studies, Sunday School, church camps, marriage conferences, men’s/women’s conferences, and still…no change, little change or the never-ending running the hamster wheel. One can feel so alone, outcast, an outsider, or merely numb.

We either don’t feel like a new creation or are still wondering where this ‘abundant life is, let alone how—literally—in the world we can have the joy to the fullest spoken about in John 10:10. In our isolation, the cure for the deep pain and sadness or narcissistic mask linger as a life lived in an out of body experience. Our soul yearns for connection, yet being known can be scary, therefore the last thing we want to do. It is better to keep distant from ourselves and everyone around us, including God.

At times, we are left wondering what keeps others from giving us what we need, from loving us the way we need or want to be loved. We put effort into a relationship and are left feeling used, using others, or looking at life for the pleasure we can gain from it. We keep going in that direction hoping we aren’t living our the definition of insanity.

But what are we giving up?

A lot. The very thing we need, in-depth knowledge of who we are.

Jenelle Linden

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