Identity Lost

Who am I? How did I get to this place in life?
Said...~Every person at one time or another.

Some would say that Identity is found as we get older. I maintain that we begin to lose our core identity from the moment we are conceived. Science and scripture have proven that memory starts in the womb. From the dawn of creation, God had us in mind. There are many instances in scripture where God reminded prophets and others that they were known before they were conceived—and set apart.

But what happened? It would seem that our birth into someplace other than the Garden of Eden is our first traumatic experience. Subsequently, many of our experiences beyond birth lack the attachment, connection, spiritual intimacy, and knowledge of our Created Identity. We lose our reflection of the one we were created to resemble.

In addition, Identity Confusion is the name of the adolescent developmental stage. There is a spiritual enemy of God’s making sure we are clueless to our core identity. As we become adults, it will be in our best interest to look back and see how our development and adverse experience through life has impacted our view of God, self, and thereby hindering connection and freedom in relationships. Instead, we are wondering if we are good enough, if we measure up, or if hitting the mark set by an ever meandering societal norm is possible, or even necessary.

Whatever the answer as we dare to look at our reflection, the resounding truth is that we need some healing deep at the core of our being, of self—of our Created Identity.

Jenelle Linden

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