Identity can be confusing. Society keeps moving the parameters. The truth is that we solely have 1 Identity. How is this possible? Isn’t identity fluid? Our 1 Identity is in Genesis where it is clear that being created in the image of God is the core of our being. However, life, political correctness, developmental trauma, plus more all keep us from living relationally with our Creator so that we are reflecting that created image. Join the conversation.

Need Hope.
Not Good Enough
Not Loveable
Start here to start the journey of how your adverse childhood experiences have impacted your view of God, self, and others?
Past Hanging Around.
Your Created Identity
is under attack.
Start here to begin looking at how our enemy takes joy in attacking the Created because the Creator has already one.
You're worth it.
Jesus will embrace you.
Regardless of your level of trust.
He will meet you in your pain.
Start here to begin your journey of healing and growth as your transformation is revealed before your eyes.
Coming Soon!

Identity Workbook

To live reconciled to God. 2 Cor 5

Learn to live in your Created Identity and move from a place of shame and behavior modification moving toward relationship with Christ providing healing and grace to the painful areas in our life.

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Shame and Behavior

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Twenty years. 20 years I tried to change my behavior. It only produced one thing—shame—and then added more and more and more and more shame, until it seemed like suicide...

The Pain Matters

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The Pain Matters 2 min read "When souls become wicked they will certainly use this possibility to hurt one another, and this, perhaps, accounts for four-fifths of the sufferings of...

What Happened?

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What Happened?Is this really as good as it gets? Said...~Every person that ever lived. Reading Time: 1 min I, and others, have spent years in counseling addressing: depression, anxiety, addictions,...